Loops & Loops Releases His New Album “Some Half Forgotten Dream.”

Loops & Loops to create a bang with the newest album!

Bronx, New York  – December 6, 2020- Loops & Loops released its new album this November, and lofi lovers are having a pleasant blast. The indie artist has beautifully captured the feeling of nostalgia amongst his listeners. The vibes that the music delivers is just what was needed amongst the chaos and stress in 2020. The man behind Loops & loops, Peter Bogolub, has recorded over 60 songs and released two hit albums.

His new album called “Some half forgotten dream” features instrumental as well as lyrical music. Jeff Zeigler has mastered the album. Peter Bogolub wrote, recorded, performed, and mixed every song on the album by himself, which only shows the dedication and passion he has for his music. The songs have hints of folk and indie music are wrapped beautifully under the melodic tones of pop and lofi music.

Songs like “far away when close to you” have multiple layers to them, and with every instrumental layer, it gets better. It’s going to be hard not to mob your head listening to the melodies accompanied by the hip hop influenced drums. The lyrical songs are quite mellow and heartfelt. The vocals are pretty dominant in “So long”; however, the grooves are not lost beneath it.

He says that his next album will focus more on sounding like Yo La Tengo. He claims that the album has been recorded and is in the final stages of mixing before being mastered. Followers of Lofi and dream pop are eager to listen to what more the artist has to offer.





The artist excels in the dream-pop genre. His songs connect with people on an emotional and spiritual level. He has been in the industry for the last 20 years and has left quite a mark on lofi and shoegaze fans. Earlier, he used to release songs under the name of The Sems. After being blessed with a son, he took a break from the industry for about a decade.



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