Lose All of Yourself in The Passionate and Poignant Magic of Music – Jaded SZN Amazes with a Spellbinding Ballad

“Jazzmin” is a beautiful track from start to end, moving audiences to revisit their own past stories and expressing the utter complexities of relationships

Austin, TX — A compelling story of heartfelt emotions, Jaded SZN’s magnificent new single is all that Alternative fans will want to hear. Titled “Jazzmin,” the powerful new single paints the picture of a relationship that is not working out and the visceral feelings that one is constantly confronted with in such a situation. A heartfelt ballad which depicts the fervent intensity of love and loss, “Jazzmin” is a beautiful track, standing out with its memorable narrative appeal.

Speaking from his heart and displaying a sense of vulnerability and rawness which will echo deeply amidst audiences, “Jazzmin” is a heartrending single. The single describes the fateful situation in which you fall out with a loved one and yet you continue to wonder if they still think about and the heartfelt times you spent with them.

“Jazzmin” released for audiences on October 22nd on Jaded SZN’s official music streaming platforms. The new track also included sound engineer Eric Holtz and the team of ‘Blue October.’ Bringing listeners to tears, the single is a unique production which brings the talented artist a step closer towards his dream of getting signed onto a record label and performing in front of packed audiences.

“People have described getting chills and remembering someone they may have lost, and I was saying what people wanted to say and never could. It has brought some of my listeners to tears,” comments Jaded SZN regarding his new single.

Motivated by a drive to perform live shows and connect with people who may have gone through what he has gone through, Jaded SZN is focused on achieving his goals. With strong belief in the mantra that it is never truly over, the eclectic artist hopes to make every voice heard and create relatable and touching art.

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Jaded SZN is a gifted artist who has been making music since he was only 12 years old. Drawing inspiration from vulnerability, Jaded SZN hopes to connect with every individual who has experienced love, loss, and everything in between.

With a goal to get shows, perform in front of millions of people, and connect with listeners, Jaded SZN remains motivated by people from all walks of life. He counts the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and many indie bands and artists such as Lizzy Mcalpine and Phoebe Bridgers as inspirations that pushed him to explore his talents and make a name for himself. Exploring intimate themes, stories, and narratives, Jaded SZN is confident that he will create a lasting presence in the music world.


Jaded SZN
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