Losing Yourself in Rich, Riveting and Classic Electronic and Instrumental Rhythms: Eclectic Singer-Songwriter MB-Wave Unveils New Single

Taking listeners back to the iconic 80s, MB-Wave’s music manifests a seamless crossroads of nostalgic electronic music, and unique new instrumentation, as he stuns with new track, “Back to the Future 80s”.

Casale Litta, Varese, Italy- September 24th, 2021 – A skilled and accomplished composer and producer, MB-Wave is set to take the music world by storm. With his enriching new track, “Back to the Future 80s”, the seasoned artist takes listeners down memory lane, with a production reminiscent of the 80s. MB-Wave stands out through use of bold and high-energy rhythms, laced with instrumentals that form a smooth and sensory mix.

Sending waves in the Electronic and Instrumental realm, MB-Wave hopes to establish himself as a unique new composer and producer. With melodic and memorable instrumentation, the artist showcases new tangents of electronic music, reflected in “Back to the Future 80s”.

Having released on 13th September 2021, “Back to the Future 80s” is bound to immerse listeners in a rhythmic new dimension, as they feel the breadth of different emotions and sentiments beating through each tune.

“I give great importance to the melody of my songs which must involve you in the specific journey of each. I think this is the uniqueness of my instrumental songs,” says MB-Wave regarding his latest release.

“Back to the Future 80s” offers a nostalgic journey into the musical world which we have passed by, bringing back beloved 80s sounds, and reminding listeners that we are in the future in a uniquely moving way. 

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A formidable force to be reckoned with in Electronic and Instrumental music, Maurizio Burgarello, known better by his artistic identity MB-Wave is based in Casale Litta, Varese, Italy. A brilliant 49-year-old musician, MB-Wave brings to music a tantalizing new flavor of instrumentation, flow, and cadence. Taken by a burning passion and love for making music, MB-Wave started composing instrumental music for himself when he was only 16 years of age, trying his art on his first synthesizer. Giving a lot of emphasis to the melody and harmony in music, MB-Wave hopes to convey the emotions and sentiments that are relatable and all-encompassing, through each new composition.

Having released his first song “Sign of love” on a CD by various electronic music performers in 1999, MB-Wave actualized his love for the genre, adopting ecteronic music as his main style. He continues to be fascinated by the musical style, as it provides listeners with a uniquely varied soundtrack, and massive room for reproduction in diverse ways.

Name: Maurizio
Email: [email protected]

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa2_oD7lbb8


Source: ArtistPR