“Love Hypocrisy” by Ginny Luke

Forged in a flame that is devoid of the synthesized filler most of its composer’s contemporaries would rely on quite heavily when making something similarly ambitious for themselves, there’s no stopping the groove that comes barreling out of the silence in Ginny Luke’s “Love Hypocrisy” once it gets started. A brutish product of rock, pop and a vaguely folk-laden harmony structure combined, “Love Hypocrisy” sees Luke elevating her sonic profile once again, and more specifically, marrying some of her smartest melodies with angsty lyrics that show us a layer of her personality we hadn’t had access to in the past. 

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Visually speaking, the music video for this single has a surreal quality not totally noticeable when you listen to the song by itself; it’s only when we’re given some additional color and the visible presence of Luke herself that we’re able to completely translate the postmodern effect in play here.

“Love Hypocrisy” is quite the multi-interpretive release; we could take it at face-value and relate to it as a broken romance power number, or we can look at it from a more angular perspective and take its narrative as a self-exposing gesture from an artist ready to be more vulnerable with her audience. In either case, it all adds up to chills upon every listen we give this track. 

2020 has been an amazing year for Ginny Luke so far, having released three successful singles plus this most recent video offering online, and as I see it, “Love Hypocrisy” goes a long way towards establishing her as an artist everyone needs to be paying attention to at the moment. She’s proven to me that she is more than ready to record a proper full-length album of her own, and if you’re still on the fence, I’d recommend listening to this track and watching the video as soon as possible. 

Zachary Rush