Macedonian Rapper Vukac MC releases video for “I Step On The Gas” Produced by Nikola Tefov

Nikola Tefov produced the track and video for Macedonian rapper Aleksander Petrov AKA Vukac MC and former member of the Grammy-winning Latin band “Fulatino” Sam Serraty aka SamGotDI. 

Aleksandar Petrov is also known as Vukac MC. He was also born in Negotino, Macedonia, and is a rapper, singer, and clarinetist. In 2004, he wrote his first original song in the genre he loves most: hip hop. Since then, he’s been constantly creating new music. However, he had the good fortune to meet Nikola Tefov, who astonished him with his extraordinary skill at such a very young age. There is no other way to describe “I Step On The Gas” than to say that it is the consequence of their strong friendship and shared passion for music. An instant smash, the song was released on December 27th under the imprint of NT Music and quickly went viral thanks to the unusual pairing of artists: a Macedonian rapper working with a Latino American one.

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“I Step On The Gas” was published on all platforms via NT Music on Christmas Day, December 27th. Nikola Tefov, known as NT Beats, is the writer and producer. He is also the audio engineer, artwork designer, and video producer. SamGotDI and Vukac MC also contributed to the writing process. The song was inspired by hip-hop icons such as Eminem, 50cent, T.I., and Royce Da’ 59. With their bold and passionate approach to hip hop and music in general, the artists that collaborated on this track demonstrated that there is widespread acceptance for musical diversity. With the single spreading like wildfire throughout the internet and getting thousands of views each hour, Nikola and his partners are keen to repeat the formula over time. More songs and projects from both artists are on the horizon, as are more significant collaborations with industry giants.
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