Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus Releases Music For Strength

Music Will Inspire Hope Everywhere

Trinity Beach, Australia – September 21, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus expresses her emotions with the release of new music. Four new tracks are an emotional journey into Maggie’s heart that listeners will love.

Maggie’s song “Exit Now” is dedicated to people going through depression, giving them a light of hope. “Love@Waltz” is a tribute to Maggie’s husband. Her track “Human” is for everyone on the planet, connecting them together through love. “Physical Distancing” was a track the artist collaborated on with her daughter.

Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus is a domestic abuse survivor who turned her pain into music. Maggie believes in the healing power of forgiveness. Maggie hopes to share this belief through her music and inspire others.

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