“Makes My Blood Dance” drop new Single

Rock’s greatest heroes have never been known for following the rules set before them, either by society or the industry, and in this sense, Makes My Blood Dance are no different than the legions of axe-wielding rock groups that came before them in history. What separates this band, and their music – like the new single and music video “Power of the Lightside” – is their refusal to accept even the politics and parameters of a contemporary hard rock underground; for what Makes My Blood Dance want to accomplish, even those limitations are too much of a chokehold to bear.

Official Website: http://makesmyblooddance.com/

The mix in both the single and the video leaves all of the razor-sharp edges on the string play alone, allowing for the sonic shards to slam into us without anything to filter their texture and tonality. From the jump, I get the impression that Makes My Blood Dance want one thing above all others here – to make us feel the intensity of their play as much as we hear it. Through a combination of carefully-designed levels, a viciously adept handle of equalization and all-out melodic warfare between the 0:00 mark and 4:46, they do everything they set out to and more.

In need of a consistent fix for your rock n’ roll needs this summer? You need to consider the works of Makes My Blood Dance, and especially the video for “Power of the Lightside,” as they’re almost certain to have you covered for the duration of the season and beyond. This band is still a wildcard that needs to find some permanent footing in the game, but I really love the direction they’re going in here. It feels good to hear some sweaty, brutish rock in 2020, and I don’t think I’m going to be the only listener who hears this and says so.

Zachary Rush