Stringz EMB’s “Perfect”

Progressive R&B calls for a particular style of melodicism that has more in common with traditional soul music than contemporary hip-hop or neo-funk, and in the past couple of months I don’t believe I’ve found another track that utilizes the attribute quite as well as Stringz EMB’s “Perfect” does. In “Perfect,” this up and coming crooner delivers what could be the most sensuous and soul-inspired pop vocal I’ve heard in a long time outside of Ronnue and Will Jordan. I would personally rank his latest release as among the better cuts of its kind out this December, and after a single spin, I think you’re going to understand why. 


From a visual standpoint the music video for this song is definitely an engaging illustrated work that doesn’t rely on predictability to make a point. There’s a lot of action going on here, and we’re constantly kept engaged not only by the colorful imagery but the fashion in which it interacts with the soundtrack. I don’t get the impression that Stringz EMB was looking to give us anything particularly overwhelming in this component of “Perfect,” but there’s undeniably an ambitiousness to the way he’s tethered cool-toned colors and a throwback harmony that I want to see him try and experiment with a little more in his next single. 

Stringz EMB is crushing it right now, and while he doesn’t have a full-length studio album to his credit just yet, his output in 2020 has suggested that he absolutely has it in him. Along with “Duct Tape,” I think that “Perfect” is a good example of his versatility as well as his comfortability with the recording process. I don’t feel like there’s anything getting sacrificed here, and if there is it’s clearly the result of an artist being as efficient and detail-oriented as is necessary to produce a hit. All in all, this is a five-star single/video combo from a player I can’t wait to hear more of. 

Zachary Rush