Presenting Jonnie Kae, Talk Show Host Turned Musician

Listen to Jonnie Kae’s Latest Album, ‘Completely Original’

Los Angeles, California  – December 28, 2020 – Jonnie Kae has conquered being a businesswoman and author and now wants to achieve the same in the music industry. Jonnie was inspired by the stories of the independent artists she had interviewed over the years for her talk show, “And Now We Know Show.” She is now a hip hop and R&B artist who likes to play around with different melodies, setting herself apart from the conventional sounding artists.

This year, Jonnie came out with ‘Completely Original,’ her new album that contains 20 tracks. The album name and thereby the album itself is the artist’s way of showing her singing and songwriting talent, independent of any professional writer. Her lyricism for this album pairs well with the rhythmic hip-hop tunes.

Jonnie Kae’s talent is recognized by the Multi-Platinum engineer, Poly Rob, and producer, Beat Mechanics. Both are well-known in the music industry and were involved in the production process for this album.

Since her release, her album has earned the artist a lot of recognition. “Special” is her most shared song on Spotify, while “Hold Me Down” has become her most-watched music video, with the numbers still going up.

‘Completely Original’ is a melodious album where we get a glimpse of the artist’s way with words, metaphors, and melodies. The songs are modern but inspired by Jonnie’s love for old fashioned soul and hip hop artists like Al Green and Smokey Robinson. Her fanbase has a lot to look forward to as the artist has started working on her second album. Her upcoming album will further explore the depth of her voice.

Check out Jonnie Kae and her new album, ‘Completely Original,’ available on all the major music platforms.





Jonnique Marcheé Rush, best known as Jonnie Kae or Jonnie Kae Rush, is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter, talk show host, author, paralegal, and businesswoman. The multi-talented singer was recognized first for her talk show on YouTube called “And Now We Know Show” in 2015, where she interviewed independent artists. Jonnie was inspired to make her mark in the music industry as well. She is considered a hip-hop and R&B artist, although she works with a diverse range of music genres that sets her apart.



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