The Disruptors Tell Intimate Stories Capturing Soul of Indie Pop

Kenny Weill-led The Disruptors transforms spellbinding stories into music as they narrate burning, relatable reminders through their alternative pop/rock songs

Boston, MA – A budding and talented powerhouse of indie rock and alternative music, “The Disruptors” is a force to be reckoned with in the world of legendary indie music. With 2 stunning and spellbinding releases that capture and channel the true and authentic spirit of indie music coupled with strong alternative stylings and savvy lyrics, this is one band to look out for. Resonant vocals and light alternative tunes ensure that important messages are not left behind.

Kenny Weill’s stunning vocals accentuate the talent that is presented by their first release, “Restless Wind”. A significant portrayal of society today, this piece is a reflection of Kenny’s feelings about a United States being overtaken by “dark forces.” A burning reminder for all that has been lost and a poignant tale pleading to preserve the best by banding together to change what has corrupted society’s fabric, this is one release that has it all. Kenny was thrilled to be able to feature his daughter Ilana Weill as back-up vocalist. The artist shows his true colors and grandeur in The Disruptors’ second single, “Off My Meds.” In this breathtaking track, the band is at their best as they share a crucial message of today’s society and mental health. Featuring the band’s iconic Brad Young on guitar and keys, this musical combination is a powerhouse. “Off My Meds” reflects the artist’s ambivalence towards dependence on anti-depressants and other mental health prescription medicine. An authentic and evocative portrayal of the struggle between using prescribed medicines to keep the demons at bay and not being one’s true self when using is highlighted beautifully in this artistic masterpiece. Featuring Brad Young’s prowess on guitar and keys and Jeffrey Weill on djembe, snare and cymbals, this is one combination that offers the perfect indie music vibe. “Off My Meds” and “Restless Wind” are now on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.





The Disruptors is a formidable force led by the artistic genius and prowess of the 53-year old Kenny Weill. Weill began songwriting only 2 years ago and has continually produced artistic combinations that stick to the true roots of indie pop and rock, but also offer varied, rich perspectives. Kenny describes himself as someone who grew up on what is now considered classic rock and remains heavily influenced by 90’s alternative rock, while today staying attuned to music from contemporary indie pop and indie rock artists. He has released six singles so far in 2020 – all mixed and mastered by Brad Young (BKY Studio). Apart from lead vocalist songwriter Kenny Weill, the band also features Brad Young on guitar and controlling keys. Kenny and Brad often collaborate with other featured artists on tracks. Based in Boston, they vary their tastes from indie pop to the far-reaching ranges of alternative rock and blues that highlight their strong socio-political messages.



Name: Kenny Weill

Phone: (617) 680-2672