Malachi Fyerstar Is All Set To Be Cleveland’s Finest Rising Dance and Hip Hop Sensation

Malachi Fyrestar is an up-and-coming talent powerhouse who is set to surprise and inspire people with his stunning and hip Dance and Hip Hop fused tracks which offer a powerful message to all those looking for some life-changing experience.

Miami, FL – January 14th, 2021- Rising Hip Hop and Dance music maestro Malachi Fyrestar is an entertainer through and through. With his stunning and powerful musical compositions, he is now all set to release albums which not only offer listeners a means to groove and get themselves moving and grooving to hip and fresh tracks and beats, but also produce music which carries with itself a strong message of hope, strength and being your own powerful self every day.

Malachi Fyrestar has undergone several challenges and trials and tribulations as he has waded through life’s many struggles, coming out victorious and triumphant. This message of working hard and ensuring that your powerful self is one that always stays undefeated is one that is resonant and echoes throughout his music. Malachi Fyrestar has always been inspired by the thirst for being an entertainer and be his wildest, rawest, and most free self as he explores diverse genres and his own unique talents and his own musical spirit and calling. Malachi Fyrestar is now all set to motivate and get listeners grooving by his new album titled “Grindmode” which is quickly becoming a sensational hit. The singles titled “Blastoff” “get that money” and “wet the bed”, this raw and authentic hip hop composition has a little bit for everyone. Dance music is very rarely coupled with the sheer brilliance of authentic narrative R&B and Hip Hop- something this sensational newcomer is set to change.





Driven from his childhood to be a musician and entertainer, Malachi Fyrestar started off by dancing for his family members at events and reunions when he was just a young child. His biggest inspiration was Michael Jackson and MJ’s music has always inspired and motivated him to produce great individual wonders and tracks that get one moving and grooving. Malachi Fyrestar started writing poetry at age 7, which helped inspire his song writing. In 1997 his music career started on a quest for God inspired by 2pac aka Makaveli,

With a unique and authentic Hip Hop vibe, Malachi’s music is one that will long be celebrated and used for inspiring people all around. Malachi wants to use his music as a platform to change the world and a means to surge his own career in finance and politics. Other than music, Malachi enjoys acting both stage plays and on camera. He is all set to get a dance floor on fire and describes himself as being “lethal with a pen” which forges him as a complete artist. His biggest musical inspirations are Michael Jackson and Beyonce.



Name: Eternal Flayme ENT

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