Marc Daniels – Summer Song

Marc Daniels – Summer Song


Marc Daniels is a relative newcomer to the scene and this latest single, “Summer Song”, is cut in the tradition of assertive pop country anthems that has experienced considerable commercial favor over the last decade or more. The production accentuates all of this but Daniels, to his everlasting credit, takes on a different approach to the form than many of his contemporaries. He foregoes the glossy surfaces and seamless changes that distinguish this style in favor of some gritty Southern Rock touches and the experiment at bringing together a smooth presentation with these more “authentic” elements results in a more successful outing overall. The song never risks self-indulgence, either, as Daniels and his collaborators keep things short and to the point.

It’s an ideal song for a wide swath of people. Young men and women pining for the freedom of summer days will connect with this track every bit as much as some mother or father working forty hours a week and longing for the weekend so they can cut loose and breathe a little. This sort of universality is something we often take for granted in songs of this ilk, but it frankly isn’t easy to achieve. One has to be believed and Daniels, much to his credit, makes it easy to believe every word. His vocal throws himself headlong into the tune and matches up quite nicely with the instrumentation. He sounds inspired by the sound raging around him and, likewise, the players seem to have a great deal of fun working against and alongside his voice.

The acoustic guitar powering much of the song seems to be the foundation that it is built from, but Daniels further benefits from authoritative rhythm section playing that nails down its parts but, as well, makes sure to keep the song moving in an interesting and compelling fashion. This isn’t a track looking to remake the wheel, but Daniels has something of his own to say and puts over familiar sentiments with the force and passion of someone eager to connect with his audience. His talent for pouring old wine into new bottles is considerable and, as a result, “Summer Song” comes off sounding fresh and energetic rather than like some tired retread of an old warhorse of a subject.

It’s an excellent second single from his album and should further the commercial and artistic momentum he’s already established. Marc Daniels stands out from the pack thanks to his distinctive pipes, his fearless approach to the material, and his good judgment in surrounding himself with top notch musicians. “Summer Song” is one of the results from those aforementioned factors and proves he is on the road towards even greater achievements to come. We are fortunate to join him in the early miles of this journey and will undoubtedly look back to this song as one of the key moments propelling him on his way. This isn’t your average summer song; Daniels digs deep here and comes up with something much more impactful and certain to linger in listener’s consciousness.


Steve Rafferty