Marjorie Whitley and Her Cup of Joe Sound

Marjorie Whitley and Her Cup of Joe SoundMarjorie Whitley pulls her influences from every decade, including the angst ridden days of Alanis’ “Jagged Little Pill” and mixes it with a coffee shop folk sound that results in what you’ll hear when you check her out. “Little Bird” has a Joni Mitchell essence to it; mature innocence wrapped up in sweet folk like vocals. “It’s Complicated” picks up the speed for things around Marjorie Whitley’s sound. It’s a pretty song that will make your toes tap. “As I Am” is on the same page as “Little Bird” in that it’s a more serious sounding song and doesn’t leave you room to move. It’s more about listening to the lyrics and diving into them head first. If you’re into singer songwriters who fall somewhere between AC pop and folk, check out Marjorie Whitley . (