Emily Gold Wraps You Up

Emily Gold Wraps You Up Emily Gold’s “Wrap You Up In Dreams” album is like a teenager, happy at times but then gets dark fast. No matter what though, you’re intrigued by what will come out of every mood swing. As soon as “Santa Cruz” starts, you know you’re in for a treat with the whole album. The lyrics and music run together ceaselessly. “Running Back To You” has more of an indie feel to it in the way that it’s got a hint of folk tossed in here and there. For “In The Air” Emily really takes a chance. It’s at this point in the album that you hear a darker side of the singer. “Like Leaves” keeps that style going, while things wrap up nicely with the title track, “Wrap You Up In Dreams.” As a whole, “Wrap You Up In Dreams” is an album that stands strong on an indie base that’s held together by the glue of a storyteller and the heart of a rocker girl who dances to an alternative beat almost always. If you’re into artists like Meg Myers, check out Emily Gold’s “Wrap You Up In Dreams,” out now. (https://www.emilygoldmusic.com/)