The Gift Shares His Vocal Gifts

The Gift Shares His Vocal GiftsThe Gift brings to life heartfelt R&B to the masses. Almost everyone will fall for someone who’s in love with the wrong person; not you. That’s where “Where Is He Now” comes into play. This terrifically sung song asks the question everyone in that situation wonders. “Struggles” is led by the sound of ivory and is met with a hearty amount of soul. I thought “Fly” would be about being cool and “fly” but it’s not. Instead it’s this R&B track that slowly treks through an emotional story with more downs than ups. When listening to “The World,” here’s a warning — you will get lost in the beauty of it. It’s one of those songs that play so well, you don’t notice you’ve had it on repeat for a half hour. When it comes to The Gift, he’s got one; his voice. There’s no questioning his skills, so don’t ask but do listen. (