Masada M.E. Comes Out With Multiple EP And Single Releases This December

Masada M.E. promises exciting music to the industry

San Deigo, California – Masada M.E. releases his first and brand new album called “Not Apologetic” under NotApologetic Studios LLC this March. The album is comprised of 13 tracks. The gist of the album was to convey to listeners the value of self-sufficiency. M.E has no inhibitions being himself and doing as he pleases as long as it doesn’t cause harm to people around him. Shortly after his first album, Not Apologetic Studios LLC released seven more albums and seven singles.

Being an admirer of Paul McCartney, he released the song “Sir Paul” to pay his respects and show his endearment for him. The release gained popularity and was featured on Hip Hop Weekly and The Source. After a month, in November, he released another track called “My Queen” as praise and tribute for women. This artist is versatile not only with his music but also his songwriting. He pays attention to detail in all his tracks and is a great R&B player along with Hip Hop.

On December 16, 2002, the artist was coming up with his final single of 2020 called “Party All Night.” The sing will feature the award-winning artist Aktual. M.E has also collaborated with the renowned artist Adonis Alias SoupBone (AASB) for their new EP, which will be called “ApoSTGles.” This prominent artist rose to fame globally when he appeared on the famous Indian artist Dilijt Dosanjh.

This year has been not only prolific but also consistent for him. The artist released quite a few singles in October while working with great producers and musicians such as Heir Wallace and NoSheesh. In December, he is set out to release a hip hop track, “Diamonds made of Gold,” along with two more, which will feature Tiana Rose, an upcoming pop singer. The aim of the artist is to reach the hearts of his listeners. The tracks will be diverse as they will range from inspirational to romantic. He wants the music to do its magic and pull people out of the dark places they may be stuck in.

His new singles and EP release on January 17, 2020. The foremost song called “How Many” will address injustice and concerns surrounding the struggles of being a victim. The EP will be out in April accompanied by a second one names “Stoner’s 4 My Smokas”.





Masada M.E. has been making music for the last 12 years. He uses his life experiences and lessons as an inspiration and incentive for his creativity. The artist has a handful of podcasts on platforms such as Hip Hop Weekly and The Source. He has built an entire music empire with grace and dignity and continues to surprise people with his exceptional music. He draws motivation from the joy of helping others. His personal favorite artists are Tupac and Ice Cube. The man is striving ahead, and fans can’t wait to see what more he has to offer.


Masada M.E


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