Masterful Storytelling and Stirring Instrumentation- Dean Mueller Marks Stunning Americana Debut

A versatile singer-songwriter, Dean Mueller gets listeners feeling all kinds of emotions with new release, “Sky Fallin’”

Bend, OR — September 30th, 2022 – A stunning debut solo release, “Sky Fallin’,” marks a unique new direction for a seasoned artist who remains motivated to step into the light, following years of playing in bands and working as a producer-performer.

Having dropped on October 7th, 2022, “Sky Fallin’” is a track that Dean Mueller began working on in October 2020. During that time, the talented artist was caught up amid the pandemic with the rest of the world, dealing with isolation and the tough separation from his musical partner of 8 years.

A refreshing and absorbing new single, “Sky Fallin’,” features a talented set of individuals gracing listeners with their inimitable craft. It highlights Mueller’s superior songwriting, vocal talents, and skills on the acoustic guitar, with Kevin McKendree doing a remarkable job on keyboards, production, mixing, and background vocals. They are accompanied by Kenneth Blevins on drums, Steven Hinston on electric guitar, and Dave Jacques on bass – artists who are renowned in the Nashville Americana scene.

Exhibiting Mueller’s range and depth of emotions, the new track will be followed by a series of singles set to release with the full album “Sky Fallin’” in early 2023.

“Dean Mueller’s songs are filled with depth and humor. I can hear him smiling and I can feel his pain as he delivers them. This album will turn some heads.” — says Kevin McKendree, producer and Grammy-winning musician regarding the new record.

Based in Bend, Oregon, since 2021, Mueller has been part of the Portland music scene for nearly 20 years and aims to continue building on a formidable music identity.

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“This is a wildly fun new Rock tune by Dean Mueller that is full of energy, catchiness, and a story that too many of us can relate to. ” Zachary Larson



A professional musician for nearly 20 years, Dean Mueller has worked as a performer, producer, promoter, recording engineer, and teacher. Now he begins a new phase of his career with “Sky Fallin’”, his solo album debut. He plans on dropping the first of several singles on October 7th, 2022, with the full album slated to drop for listeners in early 2023.

An award-winning bassist-turned-singer-songwriter, Mueller recorded his album of original Americana songs in Nashville with producer-pianist Kevin McKendree and John Prine’s band members. Mueller recorded the album with the goal of creating “a cross between John Prine and Tom Petty.”

His extensive previous performing and recording experience includes the Duffy Bishop Band, Blues Music Awards-nominated Insomniacs, and the award-winning Julie Amici Band. As a promoter and producer, he has staged more than 400 performances in the past decade, including tributes to Patsy Cline, Nina Simone, and his favorite singer-songwriter, the late John Prine.

“Every song on my album has meaning and inspiration behind it,” he says. “It’s all reflective of my life.”


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