Matt Toka Goes Straight to Hell

Matt Toka Goes Straight to HellUnearthed from Middle America and now swelling out of Southern California like a hurricane-induced tidal wave, Matt Toka is the latest challenger to the alternative music crown. A creative songwriting talent with a powerful set of pipes, he leads his band confidently through each track, exhibiting an innate sensibility for hit-making with a youthful freshness.

The songs mix an infectious blend of punk with alternative rock, exuding Toka’s lifelong inspiration from pop-punk legends Green Day and iconic storytellers Bob Dylan and Noel Gallagher. His lyrics are relatable and thoughtful, ranging from wild, alcohol-soaked party nights to angst-ridden reflections on family life and domestic violence.

Pithy references to the devil are littered throughout the tracks, such as “Let’s get wasted till 6, 6, 6, in the morning” and “Gonna party with the devil, and get high on heavy metal.” Toka takes listeners through a laundry list of social and political evils including Fox News, cocaine and Helter Skelter on “Say10,” which begs the crowd to sing along while banging their heads into submission.

Now signed to Warner Brothers and preparing for a full stint on the Warped Tour as well as an appearance at the annual Bamboozle festival in New Jersey, Toka is on the brink of complete musical explosion. Whether you’re ready to go to hell with the rest of the world or need an anthem for blowing off steam on a dark, smoky Friday night, Matt Toka is your new soundtrack.