Rob Hemmick is a jack of all trades.

Rob Hemmick is a jack of all trades. Rob Hemmick
Rob Hemmick is a jack of all trades. On his latest album “Sad Flight To The Sun” (2009), he played all of the instruments and arranged and performed all of the harmony vocals. The amount of work alone he put into the album should be enough for anyone to take notice. The album was beautifully done. Unlike his previous two albums; this one offers more of an ambient atmospheric sound that will take you on a journey to a different world, a more calm one where there is nothing but yourself and nature.

For all the acoustic/folk lovers the album will not leaving you hanging. “Is There A Way Out Of This Place” is an acoustic guitar song that is perfect for when you’re feeling trapped in an unwanted place or situation. “Someone Look For Me” is a great introduction to the album as it sets the mood with its mellow drum beat, minimal lyrics, and ambient vibe. The electric driven guitar “Beauty Queen” shows how diverse and creative Hemmick is. He is not shy to branch out and show that he can bust out a guitar riff just as easily as can play a beautiful piano melody.

Rob has two other albums “But What of Dreams” (2001) and “Rob Hemmick” (2000). The former being recorded only on software and focusing more on drum and bass. While the latter was a collection of songs quickly recorded on a cassette 4 track that resulted in the songs being left with rough edges. Nonetheless giving fans that initial inspiration of the material. Rob is able to offer the world music that most indie folk musicians cannot, we can only hope that will get another album from him soon.

Written by Latanya Donaldson