What exactly does Erasing Statues sound like?

What exactly does Erasing Statues sound like? Erasing Statues
What exactly does Erasing Statues sound like? The solo effort of Stephen Canino. To categorize him would never feel right because there is not one genre that will fit his simple yet complex songs. However, the one sound that does remain constant is blues, but even then is it safe that Erasing Statues is blues? Maybe experimental blues? Just as diverse blues is its also very constrained and for a genre that is the root of all music their fans are loyal and might find it disrespectful that anyone would call this blues. Enough trying to categorize his music, it seems as if we’ve established that Erasing Statues is creating music that is not yet out there.

His music is instrumental and his foundation is simple, but layers multi-instruments to give it depth and emotion. Not the moody type of emotion that Explosions in the Sky gives you, but rather a more chill soothing one. The stand out song “Where There was A Man” is piano driven and like his others starts out mellow. Then at 2:56 the music suddenly takes a different tone, becomes more full and darker as if an orchestra is playing-ending with a guitar riff that will please any guitar player. The harmonica used in “Blues for the Quarry” will take you back to the days where people played the harmonica on their porches on sunny days. “The Steps Next” will give the bass lovers satisfaction as it sets the tone for the record allowing the guitar to carry the song with its wobble effect.

If you’re a fan of instruments being used in experimental ways then Erasing Statues will please the ears. Since it is difficult to categorize him I will not recommend fans of one genre or band to him. His music is for anyone that would like to experience something new.

Written by Latanya Donaldson