Meditate to David Anthony Parker

Meditate to David Anthony ParkerDavid Anthony Parker doesn’t rely on words to get his point across in music. Unlike Tensivity who we also reviewed, David also doesn’t rely on the classical notion when it comes to music. His music sounds more like it’s at one with the earth, stars and moon – the universe as a whole. His album “3000 Dreams” has a darker undertone than the one off singles that can be heard on his site. Songs like “Going into the Suspense” and “Circles and Fades” are responsible for that. Again, this Philly man experiments with his singles though. Okay, so maybe there’s some classical influence since “The Woman on Venus” sounds like it could’ve accompanied Qausimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Other than that, David Anthony Parker’s music is for those likely into alternative medicines and holistic lifestyles. Take one listen to “Yoga Shadow in the Light” and disagree. Parker also touches on different cultures as well, tribal in “The Eclipse in the Sky” and a bit Indian in “Now Everywhere.” If you’re into music that’s perfect for meditation, check out David Anthony Parker.