Meet the New Face of LGBTQIA+ Spoken word poetry, Hip Hop, and Rap: Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya is Bringing the Revolution through the Power of Her Music

Weaponizing her music, Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya continues to make huge leaps in her activism by challenging heteronormative norms.

Helsinki, Finland – May 6th, 2021 – Despite significant strides of progress by feminist and LGBTQIA+ activist communities, being a lesbian is a difficult yet momentous ordeal for women. It is especially tough being a homosexual in Kenya, one of Africa’s largest countries, and it’s punishable by law, for over 14 years in jail. But neither the odds nor the social norms deter Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya, who is on a determined mission to fight homophobia and spread the message of diversity to her audience, and the world at large, using her music. Her new album, titled ‘EMBRACE DIVERSITY’ is exactly what she hopes fans take away from her music. It is an album that strictly focuses on matters pertinent to the LGBTQIA+ community in Kenya, Africa, and the world at large.

‘EMBRACE DIVERSITY’ was inspired by her daily life and her struggles as a person trying to challenge the pervasive heteronormative norms of Africa. She has unfortunately been the subject of vehement abuse because of her physical appearance, dress code, and sexual orientation, and the perpetrators of physical and sexual assault left no stone unturned in dehumanizing her. Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya, however, remains a resilient fighter in her mission to empower marginalized communities with her music.

Coming out of the closet was detrimental to her musical career as producers refused to work with her and she was refused access to music studios by homophobic managers. Mainstream media stopped playing her music and for the past 8 years, she has not been able to secure any event to perform in Kenya, just because of her sexual orientation. Her new and compelling album ‘EMBRACE DIVERSITY’ was released on May 17th, 2020, and it is a brilliant response to the homophobes that have bothered her throughout her entire life because the poignant lyricism coupled with stunning vocals and harmonious instrumentals make sure that we listen to her message on repeat.

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Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya also goes by another name Mtetezi wa Raia (Citizens Defender). She is a lyrical and pictorial activist who is using her art and craft to challenge the heteronormative norms prevalent in Kenya. She writes her music, and delivers it, in form of rap and spoken word poetry.

On pictorial activism, she takes both still and moving pictures, alongside her partner ( fiancee), whom she is dating, for almost 9 years now, they then post on social media, to show other LGBTQIA+ community, that they are not alone, that it is okay to be their true self because it’s normal, and, to also encourage them, to be proud of their sexuality. In 2012, after coming out as a lesbian she decided it was time she started doing music that would fight for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, aiming to claim justice against discrimination, humiliation, and harassment they face on daily basis.



Name: Grammo Suspect – Rainbow Ambassador Kenya
Email: [email protected]