Michael Fulkerson Brings Hard Rock To The Masses With ‘Demon King Malefic’

Michael Fulkerson Brings Hard Rock To The Masses With ‘Demon King Malefic’

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Gothenburg, Nebraska – May 1, 2020 – Pulsating through the speakers while awaking the most thrilling part of one’s senses. That is what hard rock was meant to do. It is what Michael Fulkerson’s music does as he put his best foot forward when it came to the hard rock compositions found on his latest album, ‘Demon King Malefic.’ 

Many of his songs, musically, have a very theatrical and cinematic feel to them. One could imagine an epic battle playing out to the likes of “Set Up by the Police” and “Don’t Blame Her.” On the flip side, the arrangement in “Lil Miss Spooky Boo” brings a more demure style to the table. While “Love Conquers All” and “Religiously Persecuted” are audible delights that have an almost medieval vibe to them with a regal tone. Michael Fulkerson evokes a myriad of emotions throughout the album while remaining loyal to the hard rock realm. 

Born premature, Michael Fulkerson has had to face an uphill battle with his hearing impaired in both ears. Despite that, he found a love for music early on in the first grade and has never strayed far from it. As he got older, various genres peaked his interest but his heart ultimately always went back to hard rock. A proud metalhead, Michael Fulkerson has never been one to settle for the norm. Going against the grain in all he does, including his music, is where he feels most comfortable. 

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For more information on Michael Fulkerson, please visit: https://michaelfulkerson.hearnow.com/demon-king-malefic


Michael Fulkerson is proud to present his hard rock antics on his latest album, ‘Demon King Malefic,’ available now. 

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