With two back to back albums called ‘The Marauder’ Volume 1 & 2: Presenting to the World Anthony Vex.

Melding the genres of Hip Hop and Rap to come up with unique and enlivening compositions, Anthony Vex is ready to become the next big thing in the music scene.

Kalamazoo, Michigan – June 15th, 2021 – singer and songwriter Anthony Vex is an emerging artist from the US. As an artist, he has incredible expertise in the genres of Rap and Hip Hop. Releasing two new simultaneous albums titled ‘The Marauder Vol 1 Pride’ and ‘The Marauder Vol 2 Perception’ on July 15th, 2021, the upcoming artist is hoping to put forth his unique music sense and independent source of production.

Executively Produced by up-and-coming industry icon Nate North from Cold North Entertainment, both the albums are bound to leave a remarkable impact on the music industry and the passionate fans. The first album titled ‘The Marauder Vol 1 Pride’ is based on the themes of power and pride. The very next album and sort of a counterpart of the first one titled ‘The Marauder Vol 2 Perception’ will be dominated by themes of perceptivity and sapience. Both the albums will be released back to back on the same day next month and will be based heavily on the genres of Hip Hop and Rap. From singles filled with raw and inspiring lyrics in the form of hard-hitting rap verses to singles rich in catchy Hip Hop beats and enticing melodies, ‘The Marauder’ is bound to amaze music lovers all around the world.

The Volume 1 features a handful of acclaimed artists such as Cobb Mob Tree, Ed Genesis, DKMI, Tajoke, and Pellz. All these artists are considered remarkable and highly talented each with their own strong followings. The Volume 2 features no other artists; it’s solely Anthony Vex. He has worked as a songwriter and singer on both albums. As an artist, Anthony is immensely gifted as he has an entirely unique and creative sound. He is very confident about his music and is ready to rock with 2 coeval albums.

What makes Anthony Vex unique as an artist is the duality of his real-life and stage personality. As a person, Anthony is quite introverted, which gets contrasted by his personality as a performer and an entertainer. He says he loves writing songs and making music, and further wishes to grow and gain exposure as an artist.





Anthony Vex is a Rap and Hip Hop artist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. As an artist, he has immense performing experience from more than 40 live stages in various states. Moreover, he is a part of Cold North Entertainment – an independent record label in the US. He has also appeared in a theater and digitally released movie called Heroman.

Anthony’s biggest sources of inspiration were artists such as E-40, Nas, and Nelly to name a few. His work clearly showcases the evolution and the attitude of letting his real-life experiences guide his musical journey. Since the beginning, he has had this philosophy of letting the beat speak to him while making a song, and it has stuck with him to this very day. He wishes to stay true to himself as an artist, inspiring hundreds along the way.




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