Unique Spanish Flow and Innovative Latin Urban Music: Eclectic Artist MCMECHANIKO JTG Inspires Listeners Once Again

Changing the game for stirring Puerto Rican styled Latin music, budding recording artist, MCMECHANIKO JTG is driven to break into the musical world, while inspiring rappers to seize their goals.

Boston, Massachusetts – June 15th, 2021 – Rising the ranks to become the refreshing and memorable new face of Latin music, talented sensation, MCMECHANIKO JTG is sending waves throughout the musical world. A seasoned and influential rapper, song writer, and recording artist, MCMECHANIKO JTG is set to rise, energizing listeners with high-energy and moving Hip Hop and Pop blends.

Hailing from the Caribbean Island nation of Puerto Rico, MCMECHANIKO JTG highlights a rich and mesmerizing flavor straight out of the Caribbean. Innovating a genre that has already been tried and tested by both established and budding rappers, the growing artist crafts musical compositions in both Spanish and English, catering to a wide audience of listeners.

His hip and catchy new release, titled “ESA GUAPA QUIERE QUE YO LA RAYEE!! BEAT SUGE WHITE!!” which follows up on his last Latin and Reggaeton blend titled “LA NOCHE ENTERA RAFY MERCENARIO IN THA BEAT”, is a complete package of lyricism and beats. Using his moving song writing and musical compositions, the stirring artist intends to give hope to artists to achieve all their goals.

With a dynamic musical range, having experience working with diverse producers in the enlivening Latin musical scene, MCMECHANIKO JTG is now looking forward to captivating audiences with his own original mixes. With each release that is dominated by fun and lively lyricism and enjoyable song writing for everyone to revel in, he intends to exude the right tastes and flavors of the Caribbean.

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MCMECHANIKO JTG is a true force to be reckoned with, in the rich and high-energy genre of Latin music, blended with Hip Hop and Reggaeton. A talented and experienced recording artist and song writer, MCMECHANIKO JTG’s music exudes a unique flow, and Puerto Rican style which is absent in most other compositions in the fast-paced musical world.

Being a part of the Reggaeton and Latin industry since 2000, the talented artist has been a true icon, recording hip music, inspired and motivated by legends such as PUFF Daddy, Jay Z, Daddy Yankee, TUPAC Shakur, and VICO C, among others.

Apart from the musical world, MCMECHANIKO JTG is also the founder of the trademarked company for bottled Alkaline water, “MECHANIK WATER”. Using his musical rhythms, styles, and talents, the artist hopes to get his gigs off the ground, while inspiring rising rappers to follow their talents and always stay true to the rhythm.



Name: Jorge Jose Santos Caban
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