InfoStruktur Build Something Solid

InfoStruktur Build Something SolidJosh Keller and Rook Roberts make up InfoStruktur and set up camp in Round Lake Beach, IL. They make beats that go perfectly with the club atmosphere. Songs like “Toxic Champagne” encourages listeners to go, but don’t go too far or you’ll miss what else InfoStruktur has in store for you. “Trumpin’ Man Trap VIP” offers you just a preview of what to expect, but you get the idea after a minute and a half. “August Mix” sounds like the end of summer — it’s your last chance to go hard and hard you go. It’s like a game when asked to spot the difference between “Rubberbands N’ Bubble Gum” and “Rubber Bands N Paperclips.” Both are infectious and get your toes tapping. InfoStruktur gets a little dirty with “Grime,” in that it’s darker than the others you’d come across from them. If you’re into electronic music and like to move, check out InfoStruktur. (