Offering a Rich and Riveting Spin on Rap and Hip-Hop Music: Talented Artist Caged Monk Stuns with New Album

With a consciously driven mindset to curate lyrically moving masterpieces through Hip Hop, eclectic artist Caged Monk hopes that listeners can take something away from each single he creates, on his latest album “Split Mind”.

Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada  –  August 6th, 2021  – Captivating listeners with rich and refreshing Hip Hop music, rising artist Caged Monk is breaking away from the mainstream and building onto his own unique take on the genre.

Featured by original lyrics and a memorable and distinct production style, the artist’s newest release- an original album titled “Split Mind” is set to surge Caged Monk towards success. Independently produced and penned down by Caged Monk, the new album is slated for release on July 30th, 2021, on the artist’s official musical platforms online.
Hoping to stimulate listeners through original music that offers a unique and riveting spin on the genre, with beats and lyrics provide a complete musical experience. Moved by the belief that music should always be rooted in some underlying message, Caged Monk remains fueled to adapt, evolve, and grow with his musical compositions, continually improving his creative process.

“Thought went into writing these lines, this is not some unconscious Hip Hop. To continually release good sounds and always improve is the main motivation,” says Caged Monk regarding his latest album release.

Taking 9 months to record in an independent home studio environment, “Split Mind” immerses listeners into a whole different dimension through catchy rhythms and therapeutic lyrical brilliance, something that Caged Monk characteristically offers through his music.

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Caged Monk is a self-taught artist who writes and produces Hip Hop music for a diverse fan base. Although he only began to take his musical compositions seriously two years ago, seasoned artist Caged Monk hopes to stun listeners with meaningful musical compositions, building his career step by step, motivated by just the spirit of good music in all genres.

Encouraged by the goal to continue his musical journey and spread a positive message, Caged Monk hopes to move onward and upward, continuously creating new music. Listening to the work of other artists is his prime inspiration, and it is with this motivation that artist remains driven to improve himself in all areas of music production.



Name: Caged Monk
Email Address: [email protected]