Phil Circle Tells Musical Tales

Phil Circle Tells Musical TalesPhil Circle is a singer/songwriter who spends his time touring and taking in the scenery in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley. Before that he was a still a singer/songwriter but spend most of his time playing in and around the heart of Chicago. No matter where he is though, as “No Closer To Home” states, whiskey is what grounds him and keeps him closer to his homestead. When you get to songs like “Infrared” you get less of a singer/songwriter feel and more an adult contemporary type of guy. With his guitar in hand though, “Born Into Money” showcases the heart of Phil’s voice. Oh wait, other than whiskey, Phil also loved his current homestead, so much so he put it to song in “Living in the Chippewa Valley.” It’s lively and if the city is looking for an anthem, shall we suggest this as a contender? Phil also shows off his storytelling ability in “Backing Down.” If you’re into artists who have tell their stories through song and make sure they give it all they got, check out Phil Circle. (