Michael Ryther: Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation

Michael Ryther ReviewMichael Ryther’s “Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation” dropped earlier this year in April and it’s still making waves. The record opens up with the title track, “Kids of the Earth.” It’s a happy little ditty that’s also that intertwines the environment with folk rock. How many of you remember playing outside in the dirt as a kid? Well “I Love the Dirt” will take you back to those days, and if you have kids – this is a good clean (ironically) song for you to sing together. The album just continues to get cuter as “Gimme a Car That Runs on Sunshine” rolls through into “The Great Outdoors.” This sounds like the musical child of Rivers Cuomo and PBS. It’s got this indie feel, but at the same time could be played on the set of “Sesame Street,” no problem. If you like folk with an environmental twist, check out Michael Ryther’s latest, “Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation,” out now. (https://michaelryther.bandcamp.com/releases)