We Want More Jayson Camp

jayson camp reviewJayson Camp leads us down a surprising road. Not knowing what to expect from the picture alone, the long lead in of “Escape” finally started with a great vocal performance. The melody played perfectly with the music and his style would fare well with fans of Ryan Cabrera and Teddy Geiger. With “Walk Slow” Jayson gets a little edgy with the music and in “Yosh” the piano really takes things to the next level. Then we’re taken back to that sincere singer-songwriter we first met as “Lay Here” embraces us in an instant. There was no question that Jayson is a man who can not only construct a hit, but really makes you feel every word that escapes his lips. The only question left after listening, is why isn’t this guy on the radio already? Make him a household name by checking him out and spreading his talent. (https://soundcloud.com/jayson-matthew-camp)

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  1. Aaron Wright