Mike E.T. Creeps the Rock

mike-e.t.-reviewMike E.T. is a rock artist who does things his way and it pays if you’re into the darker things in life. “Terrified” lives up to its name as it’s a heart pounding take on music. The lyrics come out in a creepy way. Then you get even more with “Video.” The lyrics here are less menacing than what came before it though. One may not know what to think with “Pretty People.” It’s like a mix of Marilyn Manson and The Crystal Method. “Glass Wind” has an intense build up, one of which makes you anticipate the break. Then Mike surprisingly slows things down with “Sublime.” With “Lost Innocence” it’s the riffs that carry it high on the must-listen track. If you like your rock a little gritty and difference, check out Mike E.T. (https://www.miketrapp.com)