Nate Ostrander: Breakout

Nate-Ostrander-reviewNate Ostrander’s “Breakout” album is an understatement. It’s rare you’ll find an indie artist as great as this, but here he is…”Rollin On” almost has this funky Red Hot Chili Pepper thing going on at the start but then it unfolds into something that’s all Nate Ostrander. “Time Stood Still” captures the blues and soul in this pop artist’s voice. It glides from the speakers to your ears in one swift motion and you wouldn’t have it any other way. “Waited My Fill” is a song you can put on and get lost in, so depending who you are and what you do for a living – it could be perfect for your work day, don’t just don’t let your boss in on it. “Life Of A Different Kind” is well made and is the cherry on top of everything you’ll find on Nate Ostrander’s “Breakout.” If you’re into pop music that has a backbone then you have to check out everything that comes from Nate Ostrander. (