Mini Mondo Releases Debut Single “Jesus Stepped Into My Heart” 

New Gospel Single Available Now 


Celebration, Florida – April 1, 2020 – Mini Mondo is currently busy working on new material but wanted to shine an extra set of lights on her debut single “Jesus Stepped Into My Heart” to ensure those who hadn’t been swept up in its positivity had the chance to do so. 

Released in March 2019, “Jesus Stepped Into My Heart” is Mini Mondo’s first step towards making her musical dreams a reality. Rooted in her faith, her debut single is full of inspiration and encouragement as the beauty of her vocals and the lyrics move audiences to not only sing along and dance, but to smile as well. This track is for all who need a boost for whatever reason, and also for those who wear their faith on their sleeve and always look to the Lord. 

Mini Mondo was born Tea Kolaric in Split, Croatia. She’s been working on music in recent years but before that spent a decade utilizing her BA in Transportation Engineering working in driving school. On top of that, she’s also taught traffic law and worked as a driving instructor. She also has a decade’s worth of experience in her back pocket as a jazz/ballet dancer. Today, when she’s not working on new music she’s teaching yoga, working as a spiritual director, making people laugh as a standup comedian, and taking online classes at Berklee. 

With a spirited delivery that showcases nothing but grace, Mini Mondo represents a beautiful moment in gospel music. So those interested in adding new gospel to their playlists, featuring “Jesus Stepped Into My Heart” on their site, or interviewing Mini Mondo about her life and experiences can reach out via the information provided below. 

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