MkX – Ghost

MkX – Ghost


MkX is a young vocalist and writer working in a cross-section of hip-hop, pop, and R&B styles with a strong sense of visual presentation to boot. The process of writing, recording, and performing is an intensely personal journey for MkX and one that’s intended to do more than merely entertain. It does entertain, however, based on an across the board mastery of what makes top shelf pop music in 2017 while still embracing the fundamentals that have always gone into making a song memorable. The connections his music is able to establish with listeners are formidable – MkX doesn’t present himself as some budding star somehow set apart from the experiences of everyday life – his popular single “The Look” established him as a master of relating to his audience. “Ghost”, his latest single, does the same and shows exponential growth for this luminescent and wildly talented young artist.

Touring with the likes of Ariana Grande and British pop rock band Rixton has likely honed his skills to a sharp edge. There’s a cutting intelligence and sense for what constitutes good music from the first in “Ghost” thanks to the plaintive, echo laden piano motif opening the song. MkX adopt a direct and uncluttered approach for his musical arrangement and the introduction of other elements into the mix comes piecemeal rather than in one fell swoop. It gives listeners a stronger sense of the song being constructed, if not orchestrated, in a manner that captures and holds the listener’s attention. The post-production effects applied to the song never undercut the warm sound and the electronic, hip-hop slanted arrangement creates a strong groove for MkX’s vocal performance. The track barely goes past the three minute mark and has the sort of focus you would expect from much more seasoned performers. MkX clearly knows, however, what he wants and has the good judgment to surround himself with performers able to help him reach that goal.


The lyrical content is definitely a cut above what we normally hear from practitioners of the form. While MkX certainly wants to entertain listeners, he wants his music to make important statements from his heart that resonates with the lives of those who encounter his music. It’s a noble ambition and, frankly, at the heart of any artistic motivation. MkX expresses himself with the confidence of a much older artist who has endured the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but retains the undimmed optimism and energy of youth. His vocal delivery reflects this as well. He has great flow as a vocal performer, but there’s a refreshing amount of emotiveness in his voice as well. The accompanying video for the song shows off his strong visual instincts and makes for a perfect accompaniment to the song. It goes beyond being merely a promotional tool and, instead, aspires to and reaches the same level of artistry we hear in the musical performance. “Ghost” is a powerful composition that continues this young artist’s impressive evolution as one of the scene’s most convincing voices emerging today. MkX tackles some heady heights with this song, but he does so with eye-popping ease and is certain to win over a bevy of new fans as a result of this effort – in addition to reams of newfound critical respect.


Pamela Bellmore