Monty O’Blivion Takes On “Capitalism” With New Single

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Los Angeles, California – October 3, 2019 – Where one grows up has almost everything to do with the kind of person they become. Whether or not they go with the flow or, like Monty O’Blivion, rebel against it at all costs. Growing up in the conservative landscape of Arizona never sat well with the man that would eventually become a politically-driven multi-instrumentalist and producer. Today Monty O’Blivion is some 400 miles away from the place where he got his start, but is still sticking it to the man with his latest releases which include his debut Autonomously Yours, and his newest single “Capitalism.”

Monty O’Blivion got his start as many do, being a kid interested in music. He’d spend hours alone in his room throughout high school teaching himself how to produce. His first steps were with electronic music but over the past 15 years he’s created and played everything from blues to goth to synthpop but today he’s more about building a bridge between darkwave and punk with not only his Summer 2019 release Autonomously Yours, but his new single “Capitalism.”

“Capitalism” speaks for itself and stands on its own as a brand new single separate from Autonomously Yours. Monty O’Blivion has so much music running through him, he couldn’t wait and dropped the new track sooner than later for the fans.

Those interested in adding “Capitalism” to their playlist, reviewing Autonomously Yours, or interviewing Monty O’Blivion can reach out via the information provided below.

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Monty O’Blivion played in various bands all across Tempe, AZ for some 15 years before heading west to settle down in Los Angeles and focus on his own alternative ways. Now his debut album, Autonomously Yours, is out as well as a brand new single from the rocker called “Capitalism.”

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