Mr. Lady Inc.’s Buffet of Sound

Mr. Lady Inc. ReviewMr. Lady Inc. creates sounds like no other. There’s a wide variety to take in so let’s not waste another second. “Crazy Shit” is like a rap song laced on top of video game music. So it’s like if 8 Mile took place in the arcade. It sounds like Mr. Lady Inc. is in a scary situation with “Sufforcate.” There’s hip hop but also a little gothic metal going on. It’s quite the interesting listen. Your mind will be a little taken aback. A really good one from this bunch is the calmed down ways of “Past Tonight.” The vocals really get to stand in the spotlight with this one. The same could’ve been said about “To The Moon,” only the vocals here are drowned out by the musical elements. “This is The Dream” has a bit of a rock base to it and is a good change of pace. If you’re into music that varies drastically from one song to the next, you’ve found your match with Mr. Lady Inc. (