Juliun Starks, R&B’s Latest

Juliun Starks ReviewDown in Dallas sits a man with a voice that caresses. Juliun Starks is an up and coming R&B artist with the chops to make you swoon. “Be Your Man” is a simple song that relies on the title as the hook. It’s basic and to the point but definitely has cause to get stuck in your head. “Lonely” has a bit more to it as it’s constructed like a true R&B jam. It’s smooth and speeds up with the pace when necessary during the verses. Juliun Starks slows things way down with the captivating “Perfect Memory.” When it comes to what is radio ready from this artist, it’s “I Just Wanna Be With You.” From start to finish, that’s a prime example of a well written and well produced track. “Used To Be” takes you down, and “Are You Lonely” makes you sway back and forth with the sweet grooves it creates with its sensitivity. If you’re a fan of modern R&B, make sure to make time for Juliun Starks. (https://www.reverbnation.com/juliunstarks)