Mr. Pope’s “Listen” Will Have You All Ears

Chicago, IL — Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 — Bryan Pope is a fifth-grade reading teacher turned musician on the West side of Chicago. His educator approach reflects through his lyrical and rapping style as he uses his music to captivate his audience by connecting to the essence of who they are and who they hope to become.

This week Bryan Pope, who’s stage name is Mr. Pope, is releasing his first single “Listen” from his upcoming self-love project, Love You Too. “Listen” was inspired by the Pope’s experiences with his students as well as his personal life experiences and was created in hopes of giving students the confidence to pursue their dreams regardless of their support system. Pope hopes that “Listen” will inspire all people to realize the importance of self-sufficiency and how following your dreams is necessary to feel complete regardless of how long it may take.

Mr. Pope carefully chooses dreamy, atmospheric, music that invokes a space for meditation and reflection. “Listen” creates an emotional heartfelt experience that is guaranteed to invoke reflection, conviction, optimism, joy, and love. The soulful voice on the hook sang by Daniel Weisman, will open listeners’ hearts and minds to their truest dreams and allow them to look beyond circumstances.

Mr. Pope’s platform as both a school teacher and a ministry leader for the Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Turner Memorial AME allows him to share the messages within his music with his students. His message “Don’t Abandon the Church” urges young people to remain in the church because it is the place where they are socialized, where they can acquire skills, and where they can learn true love.

Mr. Pope has performed at many events across Chicago from churches to conferences and is eager to find more platforms to spread his message of love and positivity. The project Love You Too has a scheduled release for April 2020 and is expected to be his first project to stream across all streaming platforms.

To learn more about Mr. Pope and the work that he is doing, please visit the website below.





Mr. Pope carefully chooses dreamy, atmospheric, music and intentionally writes lyrics to create an emotional heartfelt experience that is purposed to invoke reflection, conviction, optimism, joy, and love respectively.  His songs reveal truths and possibilities for all people.



Bryan Pope
Bryan Pope

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