Music, Love and Family- Serenadname’s Core Values Are the Secrets to its Success

Husband-Wife Duo Serenadname is Making Waves for their Dynamic Chemistry and Powerful Music

Izmir, Izmir, Turkey — True love has been the subject of songs since time immemorial, but for Turkish couple Özgün Yurt and Senem Yurt, it is their greatest strength and the driving force behind their music. They both graduated from the same university and played in the same orchestras, but they attribute the inception of their love to a salsa course they took together, after which they became inseparable lovers. Their dream of making music together began soon after, a dream they held fast to even after they were married. They started out having fun with their musical talents, composing and songs together. Their latest single, Dreams, is a perfect blend of their mellifluous sound, masterful instrumentalism and heartfelt lyricism. However, they developed a passion for music teaching, and have been teaching the piano, guitar, violin and violoncello for the last 15 years. In their free time, they record new music, which involves mix-mastering, arranging, recording clips and sharing them with their listeners. What sets their music apart is not only the touching message behindit, but also the polyphonic, emotionally-layered nature of their songs and the melodious warmth they exude. According to them, “Our inspiration is only love and music. Music and love have covered our entire lives, and will always exist in the future. We will continue to write new songs until we die.” More than anything, Özgün and Senem want to transmit their enthusiasm and energy, as well as the love they pour into their music, to their listeners, who they hope to meet one day.

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Serenadname is a husband-wife musical duo from Izmir, Turkey started by Özgün and Senem Yurt. Together, they have a daughter named Masal (which means tale) and a legacy of music which seeks to touch the hearts of their listeners around the world. They both graduated from İzmir University and played as cellists and violinists in many orchestras, but they mastered a number of instruments including the piano, guitar and violoncello. They have been teaching the piano, guitar, violin and violoncello for the past 15 years, and started recording their music 2 years ago. Their latest single “Dreams” was released January this year.


Name: Serenadname
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