Music Speaks Louder Than Words with Cobrette Bardole

Music Speaks Louder Than Words with Cobrette BardoleCobrette Bardole speaks with notes, keys and melodies but never needs his voice to do the talking. “Searching” leaves you searching for the lyrics, but thankfully the music guides you on that path and leaves you feeling fulfilled — even if there were never any words to hold your hand. “A Second Look” sounds a little folky at times and has ups and downs along the way. It’d be the type of music heard on a John Mayer record. “Discovery” allow you to discover what the song means to you. Without lyrics you’re allowed to write the story that fits the notes perfectly for you. “City of Lights” has a sweetness to it that lights up a little bulb in your heart when you listen to it on repeat. “Notion” has some hurt to it, unlike the previous; you’re sad when listening to this one and can’t explain why. The music takes you to that place. Lastly, “Waiting” makes you forget you sat through a wordless journey. Cobrette Bardole has a music composing gift that shouldn’t go to waste. If you’re looking to collaborate with a good musician, check out Cobrette Bardole. (