KayeLeM and His Musical Road Trip

KayeLeM and His Musical Road TripKayeLeM’s album “Evening On Earth” is truly an album that will take you near and far, from here to there on a musical trip you won’t forget. “Evening On Earth” is scary to outsiders, but for fans of eccentricities, it’s just right. It sounds like something from another time period, or planet; like you took either a time machine or spaceship to find it. “Vanity Woman” sounds like a night out in Latin America. There’s some confusion to why it’s lasting so long, but you stay on intrigued by the possibility of what could happen. The script is flipped when “All We Need” begins. Where did this come from? We started with an interstellar track, went into an obscure instrumental and then landed at this rock ballad of sorts. It’s like a cousin of Poison or something. Then we head back to a distant land. This time we stop in Jamaica for “Reggaellate Dub.” The island sounds are strong with this one. Lastly, “A Simple Song” is anything but. If you’re into music that’s a little of everything and we mean everything, then check out KayeLeM. (https://soundcloud.com/kayelem/sets/)