Jerone and Friends Sizzle with Cool

Jerone and Friends Sizzle with CoolJerone & Friends is a group of musicians who capture the livelihood of R&B music. “Summer Nights” makes you feel like it’s the middle of July on a rare cool night. The air is cooling off you off and the relaxed state is creeping in and you can do nothing but sway to the music. Then you might sway into “Can You Feel The Sun (That’s Love).” It starts off slow but has this mid-tempo pace that will make you perk up. You’ll perk up enough to notice the tribute to Lou Rawls with “Lady Love.” It’s creamy like most R&B flavored music. You’ll want to take a bite and as that goes down you’ll rinse it down with the cool ways of “Let’s Ride In A Minor.” Oh of course, because it’s December, let’s not forget “Christmas with the One I Love.” It’s a happy go lucky holiday treat that’s a must-listen. For all year round treat though, check out “Here Comes the Mavericks (Red Hot! Red Hot!).” It captures the entire essence of Jerone and his friends. If you’re the kind of gal or guy who likes to go out and hear music that sounds like classic R&B, then check out Jerone & Friends. (