Music That Stirs The Heart and Enlivens The Mind: Corky Wink Releases A Hit New Single For All Confused Lovers.

“I Miss Your Touch” is a deeply relatable intimate musical masterpiece that simply tells us of a familiar crossroads that each lover encounters.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida — June 13th, 2022- Corky Wink is an inspiring new artist with a taste for music that syncs with some of the afflictions of the heart. The artist is known for his ability to formulate songs that are beautifully designed to give solace and hope in times of turmoil. the rising star believes that music is the one sure way of letting some of the most complicated emotions seem easy to understand; emotions that riddle the mind.

Corky Wink loves writing about matters of the heart with empathy and love. The artist believes that these matters become a connecting medium for all struggling souls; a universal language in times of immense division. The singer sees music as the ethereal blanket that keeps one warm on especially cold and lonely nights; a constant haven throughout the stages of life.

“I Miss Your Touch” is a musical elucidation of the battle that goes on between the mind and heart when love asks of us more than what we are able to give. The lyrics describe the dance between the heart and the mind when love is certain but reality tears at our emotional well being.

The song comes from the musician’s personal life experience as well. In the inspiring artist’s case, the solution to the battle between emotion and reason led to the triumph of the heart. A win that made Corky Wink see the radiant smile of his lover again; a smile that could light the world and help him face any number of challenges. The artist now hopes to work on his second album and begin touring soon.

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Corky Wink is a sixty-four-year-old artist with a long and enduring relationship with music. The artist has been completely absorbed by music since the tender age of fifteen when he picked up his first guitar; a simple act that impacted the adventurous trajectory of the artist’s life. It is for this reason that the artist continues to produce music with enthusiasm and honesty releasing ‘Until I Make It Home’, his first album, last year.

The singer says that music has been an immense place of solace for him; a place that has helped Corky Wink deal with many of the harsh realities of life. It has helped Corky Wink meet many beautiful people in his life that have contributed with innumerable value and love. It is this quality of music that the musician wishes to extend to everyone with utmost sincerity. The artist is a testament to the fact that you are never too old to do what your heart wants you to do the most!


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