MW Makes Love with the Music

MW is an R&B artist  who will make your love life pop. “You Make Me Feel” slowly gets things started and then goes into this romantic, sensual song that screams a dinner for two. The same can be said of “It’s Good Seeing You.” This one is a bit more upbeat than the last but the sentiment is still there; love is in the air. “Back to You” puts that sense of love to the test, but with a song like this it’d be hard to deny returning the feelings. “Right Back to Love” is so simple in the make and model, but is heartfelt and sweet like an R&B Carole King delight. To make you fall even more in love with MW if you hadn’t already, then there’s “Quality Time.” Every song is a well made machine that sheds a light on the honesty of love and relationships when they are at their best. If you’re into classic R&B, then check out MW. (