The Alabama Spirituals: Worthy Is He

the-alabama-spirituals-worthy-is-he-reviewThe Alabama Spirituals’ “Worthy Is He” is a gospel album that sounds as beautiful as the heaven gates must look. The title track is just glorious and sets up the tone for the rest of the record, then “Jesus Will Fix It For You” steps up the beat and makes you think you’re at the revival. “Lord Don’t Leave Me” slows it back down and showcases the harmonies of The Alabama Spirituals well. If you’ve ever seen a southern church in a movie, it’s likely they’re loud and in charge of their faith — well a song like “Talk To God” is likely like the one heard in those movies. It’s full of life and hope. Rounding out the record is “I See Reflections of You” and is for those who might have their beliefs questioned. Lastly “Lift Him Up” brings it all home in the best way possible. If you’re into gospel music that can go from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds, check out The Alabama Spirituals’ “Worthy Is He.” (