My Name Is Travis Gilleland. My Artist Name Is MavWreck. I’m A Hip Hop Artist From Minneapolis, MN & I Love Music, All Genres. My Passion Is Making Music. I Would Love To Be Able To Get Noticed And Share My Music With The World.

Saint Cloud, MN, — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — MavWreck is a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, MN with a passion for music of all genres. MavWreck’s passion for music started when he was 12 and living in a rough neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN and which led him to start making his own music and he is even in the process of starting his own record label called -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers-

MavWreck started -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers- because he is a talented hip hop artist with a passion for music and wants to build something special that will inspire other artists and to let them know that it doesn’t matter where anyone comes from. If you put in the work then anything is possible.

Some of my favorite quotes are probably -Stay In Your Own Lane- -Some People Always Trying To Ice Skate Up Hill -I’m On My Top Gun Game-  Well that’s just a few. I’m a big fan of my own fan’s. They are the reason I do this. Some of them have been through the struggles I have been through, so they understand my music and some of them have even told me that my songs help them get through some of the struggles they are going through.

MavWreck is a very talented artist who strives to create music that his fans can relate to. Some of his fans have even told him that his music is what helps them get through hard times. Now that’s something special that an artist and a fan can share.

This release is all about getting to know who MavWreck is and what his story is. Why he chose to become a hip hop artist and what makes him so passionate about hip hop and it’s culture.

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MavWreck grew up on the Northside of Minneapolis, MN it was a rough upbringing for him and his siblings. The crime was everywhere. It was normal to hear gunshots and see violence every day he said. The rough upbringing is what inspired MavWreck to start making music. At first, he would just write about what was going on in his life as a young boy, but then he started to write poems, which eventually led him to write songs about his life. He would even freestyle battle kids at school, but he didn’t start recording songs until later on. Now he is number 5 on the up and coming hip hop artists in the Midwest.



262 1st st se, Avon,MN

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