Paul Vernet is a rock and roll ghost hunter.

Olivebridge, New York — Thursday, October 3rd, 2019Paul Vernet is a rock and roll ghost hunter. He knows the dinosaurs of rock are all pretty much extinct, but he’s damn sure their remains can be found and excavated.

“There might be something in the water up here,” he says, looking over the misty mountains near Woodstock, NY, where he lives and where he recently recorded his album “Personal Mythology”. In the great classic rock star tradition, he spent years perfecting his songcraft, then went out and hired the best sidemen he could afford – namely, himself.

“Pregnant Widow” is the first track, and it’s a sizzling slice of proto Funk/Punk, sort of like an all-star jam with Black Sabbath, Fela Kuti and the Talking Heads. 10,000 plays so far on Spotify. It’s about a wise old county doctor who makes house calls after hours. The rest of the record splays itself all over the musical map- it’s groove rock with a Brill Building backbone.

Paul claims to have a doctorate all his own, in Rockology. “Yeah, my influences are deep and wide; from Atomic Rooster to Charlie Rich, with some Steely Dan, Ween, The Monkees, and Guns N Roses are thrown in, oh yeah and then there’s what’s-her-name… Hanna Montana. She’s going places, that one. I melded her and Husker Du together on one track.”

He scans the horizon with a faraway look. “Hmm…those clouds over yonder look like they might rain down a song or two on me soon. Better grab my divining rod. Catch me this summer at a roadhouse, state fair or iPhone near you. I’ve got a whole batch of new tunes in the hopper; the next record’s gonna sound like Best of the Bangles crossed with Heavy Cream.” And Poof! Just like that he’s gone.

Paul Vernet may be off his rocker, or he might be onto something. Something like killer hooks and ear-flicking melodies.

The best way to find out is to check the grooves on Personal Mythology:





Paul Vernet is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who writes songs with meaning and depth. It’s new classic rock with no frills, and no nerdy add-ons; just solid songcraft, played and sung with conviction.

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