Spreading Awareness about Domestic Violence through Music: This is G Douglas

Being in the music industry for quite some time now and having immense creative experience on her hands, emerging artist G Douglas is all set to revive the world of music with her unique and compelling music

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – December 5th, 2021 – Talented artist G Douglas is a rising musician from Canada, possessing incredible expertise in the genre of RnB. With a whole lot of singles and other compositions released over the course of a few years and a lot more getting ready to be released in the upcoming years, the emerging artist is well on her way to make it big in the musical world. G Douglas has just released a brand new single titled “I SAY NO”.

With the release of the song in October, 2021, G Douglas is looking forward to getting her exceptional music out there in the world for music fans to enjoy and admire. She wants people to give a listen to her music and get inspired by the strong messages she incorporates into her tunes. G Douglas wants RnB music enthusiasts to discover her music and, as a result, admire her for the kind of artist she is. Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more, “I SAY NO” has been made available to the masses around the entire world. Apart from the digital version, a music video for the song was also released on YouTube. Getting uploaded to G Douglas’ official YouTube channel on October 11th, 2021, the music video for “I SAY NO” has managed to amass more than 27k views in a span of 1 month. The digital version on Spotify has also received a decent amount of streams with more than 118k plays in less than a month. With such impressive digits so early on, it is safe to say that “I SAY NO” has proved to be an absolute hit in G Douglas’ career so far.

The single was composed by the talented artist to spread awareness about domestic violence and abuse taking place around the world. Her main aim with the song was to bring light to the serious matter of domestic violence and that it could happen to anyone regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or background. Through the lyrics, G Douglas expresses that this is not something to be ashamed of and victims should feel comfortable in coming forward with their stories, rather than feeling scared and embarrassed.



Garcia Douglas started her journey in music as a child, singing in church choirs and performing at school. She said every opportunity to sing was a good one, even if it was as a backup artist or in a group. She has always loved singing and entertaining people.

“I want to inspire others to live their dreams, no matter their age or where they are in life. It’s never too late to do something really great” – says G Douglas.


G Douglas
Name: G Douglas
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