National Security Band Explore Tech With ‘Biomimicry’

National Security Band Explore Tech With ‘Biomimicry’

New Rock Album Available Now 


Akron, Ohio – June 24, 2020 – There is not a second that passes by in our everyday life that technology doesn’t touch, and National Security Band explores that sentiment throughout their 2020 release, ‘Biomimicry,’ available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Seven tracks deep, ‘Biomimicry’ shines a light on the role technology has not only on society today, but also takes a look at what the evolution of it means for humanity. Cousins Andy and Greg Balog deliver pulsating rock as well as captivating ideas that will leave audiences entertained as well as captivated on songs like “Tower of Eden,” “Wired,” and “Back Way.” Or as Upstream Media calls it an “apocalyptic sound” that towers over their peers in the rock realm. 

“This album gave a great performance on this one and this is a band I would love to see performed live one day.” – Oasis Entertainment

While Andy and Greg Balog have been vibing together since childhood, the cousins didn’t start writing music together until 2014. Together they pulled from their various influences that include the experimental ways of Tool, to develop their sound, and in 2017 dropped their debut, ‘Total Information Awareness.’ Today, they’re proud to present their sophomore release, ‘Biomimicry,’ and while they cannot tour at the moment, they are planning on hitting the road as soon as live music is deemed safe again. 

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