“Nevertheless – EP” By ViennaCC Produced and Released Despite the Pandemic

Emerging Austrian Artist Produced All His Songs Alone in His Studio

Music has always had the power to heal. For eons, melodies have played an integral role in all sorts of rejuvenation processes. Be it an essential component of religious and spiritual cleansing or an important tool in meditative and therapeutic procedures, humans have found comfort and refuge in music. Given this strong connection humans feel in notes strung together, artist ViennaCC found it fitting to create music during the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic. The result was album “Nevertheless – EP.”

The name of the album, “Nevertheless” reflects the era it was produced in and is a symbol of the timeless connection between humans and music. It was released despite the trying times the world was going through. The album consists of six pop/rock songs for commercial radio and was released along with music videos. Everything, from sounds to videos, was produced in the studio by ViennaCC but everything is meant to touch hearts across the globe. After all, music is not bound by the limitations of social distancing.

“Nevertheless – EP” explores ideas of love and loneliness during the pandemic. In particular, it reflects the artist’s longing for a lover. This longing is most visible in the songs “Love and Maybe More” and “Precious and Sweet” which are rock songs about the artist dreaming of his lover. The song “Read between the Lines” explores the communicative action of texting during lockdown, and the desperation one feels at sending the right message at the right time.

Other songs in the album include “You Are the One” which aims to clearly outline the valuable place the lady of love holds for the artist. Another song “Possible Ways” explores the scenario where the lady of love leaves the artist. It is in this song that the artist explores all the other “possible ways” that their relationship could work out. At the end, the song “Your Love Brings Me Down” explores all the time that the artist was brought down by lost love.

All the songs and their music videos are released on YouTube and are available for streaming.


ViennaCC is a Bohemian artist who makes pop and rock music. He loves melodies one can sing along to and feel connected to. Except for the drums, the artist plays all the other instruments in his songs and produces them all single-handedly. He runs his own recording studio in Vienna, Austria and is heavily influenced by classical musicians such as Deep Purple, The Kinks, and Jimi Hendrix. ViennaCC boasts band experience in which he plays everything from punk and hard rock to dance hall music.


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